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Charge your Apple products in style - our wireless charging pads made of natural materials make it possible! Our wireless chargers for iPhone, AirPods & Co. made of fine wood and high-quality fabric are real eye-catchers and thanks to the latest technology even faster and better than before. So your Apple and Android products have new power in a flash and you can go on your next adventure!

The EcoPad is our wooden wireless charger for your desk. With our minimalist design Qi wireless charger, you can charge your Qi-enabled smartphone or AirPods. Simply place your phone on the cordless phone charger and inductive charging begins! There is a discreet light spot on the front of the QI Charger. Thanks to this, you can always check if your device is positioned correctly on the wireless charging pad and if there are any problems during the charging process. Thanks to high-quality materials, such as sustainable wood and vegan fabric, our best wireless charger is a real eye-catcher on your desk!

3in1 MultiPad
Your 3 in 1 charging station for simultaneous wireless charging of up to 3 devices! With a total of 30 W power, you have a real powerhouse with the Multi Charger and are quickly ready for your next adventure! The wireless charging station is also a real eye-catcher on your desk: sustainable wood and vegan fabric make the 3 in 1 wireless charger look minimalistic and thus fit into any environment! And thanks to discreet lights on the front of the Qi charging station, you always have an overview of the charging...

The 30W USB-C power adapter allows you to charge your Samsung smartphone or iPhone with maximum speed! Thanks to the latest Power Delivery technology, the charging power is always matched to your device and you have no risk of overcharging! Use our USB-C Power Adapter with 30W to get the maximum out of your charging devices! With our USB-C wall charger for iPhone, Samsung & Co. you will always be ready to go!

The MagPad is your magnetic charging station with 10 W power for your iPhone! Thanks to the built-in magnet, the wireless charger holds on the back of your iPhone and you are completely flexible during the charging process! The unique texture of the sustainable wood makes each MagPad unique and the vegan hemp fabric on the back provides extra grip and protects your device reliably from scratches!

SmartWork Series

Technology and nature in perfect harmony

This year, the focus is on modern working. An organised and tidy workplace leads to more productivity and balance. This is where our SmartWork Series comes in, which has been in the works for 2 years.

As the first part of this product series, we proudly present our new Charging Collection. It combines the highest quality materials with the latest technology! Look forward to stylish and fast charging!

Charging Collection

Discover our charging devices made of high-quality natural materials and charge your Apple and Android devices with the power of nature.

Our wireless charging stations allow easy charging for all compatible iPhones, AirPods & Android Smartphones. Choose between fine wood, leather and stone as a highlight for your desk or nightstand. We guarantee full charging power!

Perfect combination

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The Green Team

Hey, we are Woodcessories! Our team has made it its business to develop sustainable accessories made of wood, stone & plants to protect your tech gadget and at the same time support our planet to become a little bit more green!

Climate Neutral Products

Many of our sustainable products are produced without unnecessary CO2 emissions. Everything unavoidable is compensated with climate projects through our cooperation with ClimatePartner.

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