Clear Case Accessories
iPhone Cases & Buttons

Discover our Clear Case made from compostable organic material. The clear iPhone case protects your smartphone with certified impact protection and provides long-lasting protection against yellowing thanks to a special coating. The original Apple design of your iPhone remains visible, even with an extra thick protective cover!

Customise your transparent iPhone case with our interchangeable buttons. Switch the buttons on your phone case to your liking and add a touch of colour!

You've ordered your new iPhone in a stylish colour and unfortunately have to cover it up with a thick protective case? Not with our Clear Case. The clear iPhone case offers crystal-clear transparency and still reliably protects your smartphone from all sides. You don't have to miss out on the unique iPhone design and can even enhance it with our case.

Our Clear Case also gives you the opportunity to customise your case. This is made possible by removable buttons that you can easily replace with other colours. With our set of 6 buttons, you can personalise your clear case even further. The three buttons each for the volume controls and power button come in six bright colours. Create your very own iPhone case!