Samsung Cases

Protect your Samsung Galaxy with our sustainable cases made of high-quality real wood and never worry about protecting your phone again. With our Samsung Cases made of durable natural material you are prepared for anything! Choose between the lightweight Slim Design with strengthening Aramid fibers or our robust Bumper Case for reliable drop-down protection! The premium walnut wood encloses your smartphone perfectly and makes your Samsung Galaxy a real eye-catcher. Whether S8, S9, S10 or S20 - find your unique Woodcessories companion!

Ordinary plastic Samsung cases are usually of poor quality, full of harmful substances and don't last very long. With our Samsung cases made of high quality natural materials we provide long-lasting reliable protection for your Samsung Galaxy

It can happen so quickly: You don't pay attention for one moment and your Smartphone falls off the table or out of your hands and the display is shattered into a thousand pieces despite the cell phone case. Woodcessories has the solution! Our durable Samsung Bumper Cases are made of wood, stone, and organic plant material, and feature tight-fitting padding and reinforced corners for increased impact protection. The raised frame also protects the display and camera of your Samsung. The high-quality wood and stone makes your Samsung case almost indestructible!

Our Slim Case also protects your Samsung reliably and takes up very little space. The Samsung Wooden Case features an ultra thin design that fits snugly around your smartphone. All important functions of your iPhone are still protected.

Find your perfect Woodcessories companion now and be ready for any adventure!

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