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Item number: Modular Bio
  • 2in1 Modular iPhone Case made of organic material

  • Flexible case with removable necklace chain
  • Mix & Match your style in seconds
  • Made from compostable wheat & straw residues
  • 100% Pollutant Free & REACH Certified
  • Cord made of OEKO-TEX® fabric
  • Antibacterial protection (kills up to 99.99% of all bacteria)
  • Vegan inner fabric & raised frame against scratches
  • Shock Proof Feature & Ultralight Fit
  • Compatible with wireless charging


Woodcessories relies on nature and uses exclusively agricultural waste materials for all organic casings. The grain mixture of wheat and straw is produced without pollutants and under environmentally friendly conditions. The antimicrobial additives consist of harmless, non-toxic silver ions whose sterilizing effect only affects bacteria. By recycling our cases we reduce waste production and save resources.
Our cover made of sustainable grain mix and bioplastic is a true flyweight & scores with a super thin design concept! With only about 30g, the organic cover is no heavier than an ordinary plastic case. Ideal for your everyday adventures, the green way!

1mm thin & ca. 30g light
cord length 1,5m

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5 9 (9)

Vegan & Recycled

Modular & Flexible

Antimicrobial Formula

The case with
the click.

The crossbody case that combines flexibility, individuality & sustainability! Thanks to its modular system, all components can be exchanged with just one click.

1 Switch - 2 Cases.

The 2in1 design lets you choose between a bumper case or a crossbody case within seconds! Your iPhone case for every occasion.


The stylish strings are adjustable and freely exchangeable - that way your case always adapts to you & your outfit!

Change it.

The perfect
green alternative.

The eco-friendly protective cover made of natural wheat mixture and pollutant-free plant starch is not only compostable, but also removes up to 99% of all bacteria!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I fix the necklace on my case?
It's super easy: You simply take the modular hook of the phone chain and click it into the slot at the bottom of your case and just like that you're ready to go on your next adventure!
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Does the BioCase really kill bacteria? Who verifies medical cleanliness?
How does the antimicrobial protection work?
The Change Case is bio degradable. Does the germ-free material also decompose and become ineffective?
How long does it take for my case to be germ-free?
Is my Change Case still sustainable despite the antimicrobial material?
Does the germ-free material of the Change Case protect against coronavirus (Covid-19)?
Why does the case get dirty so quickly?
Can a PopSocket be attached to the case?
Will my iPhone 12 Case charge with the MagSafe Wireless Charger?
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