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Flexibility, individuality and sustainability combined in one product: that is our new change case. Thanks to its modular design, the innovative iPhone case can be transformed according to your wishes with just one click. All components are interchangeable with the innovative click-in system and can even be completely removed. Thus your case supports you flexibly in all situations!

The eco-friendly protective case also offers the perfect green alternative, because the vegetable biomaterial is not only compostable, but also removes 99% of all bacteria thanks to its antimicrobial formula.

For every sold Change Case we plant a new tree!

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Every order plants a new tree & helps our planet!

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You order a Woodcessories product
we plant a tree for you!
Together we save the climate & help the people!

A casual crossbody case to wear around the neck or a simple bumper case? You never have to commit yourself again and can decide freely according to your mood. With the 2 in 1 Case you are ready for everything and have your hands free within seconds - just click on the necklace and you can comfortably hang your mobile phone around your shoulder! You'll never miss a snapshot moment or an important phone call again and you can just as quickly put your case back in your pocket without ending up with tangled up straps later. The hook is easily removed and your iPhone cover transform back into a normal bumper case.

All cord bands made from robust OEKO-TEX® cotton are not only adjustable but also freely exchangeable - that way you can easily mix & match your case into your own customized style. Whether stylish black, cool grey or the trend colours mint green, citrus yellow and coral pink: you can leave it at the classic uni look or combine it freely. Your mobile phone chain is guaranteed to always match your outfit perfectly!

The Change Case belongs to our organic family and consists of a natural wheat mixture and biodegradable plant starch (PLA). This plant-based mixture is vegan, resource-saving and protects your smartphone with the pure power of nature. But above all, it makes your case bio-degradable! Some models are even 100% compostable! In addition, this mix contains durable antimicrobial material whose special formula destroys 99.99% of all bacteria! This is also completely free of harmful substances and leaves no residues. This way we can make sure that your smartphone cover remains germ-free and protects you and your fellow men from bacteria and viruses!