10. February 2023

iPhone 15 - Rumours, Leaks & Release

The new iPhone 15 models are among the most anticipated devices of 2023 and naturally there are plenty of rumours and speculation already about possible new features, pricing and release dates.

The Woodcessories team has already compiled some details about the iPhone 14 successor. Here we collect all important and current information about the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Ultra.

1. Release Date: When is the iPhone 15 coming?
2. iPhone 15 models: What iPhone 15 models will there be?
3. Prices: How much will the new iPhone 15 cost?
4. iPhone 15 Ultra: What is different from the iPhone 15 Pro?
5. iPhone 15 with USB-C port?
6. Will the iPhone 15 have a new design?
7. iPhone without buttons?
8. iPhone 15 with new periscope camera?
9. Exclusive changes only for iPhone 15 Pro & Ultra?
10. Availability: How soon will I get my new iPhone?


Release Date: When is the iPhone 15 coming?

While the official release date has not yet been confirmed, we assume that Apple is planning a September release as usual. Speculations suggest a release date of 11 or 18 September 2023, which would mean that the iPhone 15 would be available in Apple stores on 15 or 22 September. In any case, we are eagerly awaiting the reveal.


iPhone 15 models: What iPhone 15 models will there be?

As the successor to the iPhone 14, the iPhone 15 will probably be released yet again as the iPhone 15, 15 Plus, 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max. This year, however, there will no longer be a budget model. The reason for this is probably the low sales figures of the 14 Plus. Apple is now looking to improve the product and, according to rumours, is also planning a new iPhone 15 Ultra. This model is supposed to match the style of the new Apple Watch Ultra, including a rounded design. It is however still unclear whether the new Ultra model will complement or replace the iPhone 15 Pro Max.


Prices: How much will the new iPhone 15 cost?

So far, we can only speculate about the price range of the new iPhones. But since the iPhone 14 already came onto the market with a price increase, we can hopefully expect the same prices for the iPhone 15. The indicative prices would therefore be:

iPhone 15 starting at 999 Euro
iPhone 15 Plus starting at 1.149 Euro
iPhone 15 Pro starting at 1.299 Euro
iPhone 15 Pro Max starting at 1.449 Euro

There may however be some changes in the design that could lead to a price change. The insider LeaksApplePro generally expects a significant price increase due to inflation and lower margins with new prices above 1,600 euros.


iPhone 15 Ultra: What is different from the iPhone 15 Pro?

Regardless of whether the iPhone 15 Ultra is to become the new Pro Max or not, Apple now wants to emphasise the distinction of the larger iPhones with an even higher quality level of the high-end models. The iPhone 15 Ultra is therefore to receive an improved camera system, more storage space and new design with premium materials such as titanium.


iPhone 15 with USB-C port?

It has long been rumoured that Apple will soon do away with connectors altogether, but this remains unlikely for the iPhone 15 for the time being. Instead, the new iPhone will replace the Lightning connector with a more standardised USB-C connector that complies with the new European regulations. This would mean that from now on you will only need one charging cable for all your devices!


Will the iPhone 15 have a new design?

The iPhone 15 will bring some minor changes, but these will not fundamentally alter the familiar Apple design. Above all, the casing will have rounded edges similar to the design of the iPhone 5C and the new Apple Watch. Twitter leaker ShrimpApplePro also predicts a new titanium case, along with a glass back for easier wireless charging. This material change was already speculated for the iPhone 14 and will now finally be implemented.

Another change concerns the previous notch. From now on, all iPhone devices will come with the Dynamic Island, which already replaced the notch on the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. This interactive "island" hides the front camera and Face ID sensor in an innovative way and also displays apps that are running in the background, such as music and calls. But this exciting feature is only a temporary solution: according to thelec.net, Samsung is developing special Face IDs for future iPhones that will remain invisible under the screen - but not until 2025.

Designer Jonas Dähnert has already created first renderings for a possible Apple Watch Ultra design for the iPhone 15. (Source: Jonas Dähnert via Twitter)


iPhone without buttons?

Externally, yes. According to Ming-Chi Kuo, the iPhone 15 models will no longer have physical buttons such as the home and volume buttons and will switch to capacitive buttons, meaning sensors would provide haptic feedback without the need for an actual button press. This will allow the smartphones to be better protected against dust and moisture in the future, but at the same time would require all future phone case designs to be adapted so as not to cover the sensors.


iPhone 15 with new periscope camera?

The most exciting change is definitely the high-quality periscope camera for the high-end models of the iPhone 15 series. The camera allows for an improved zoom on longer focal lengths, as found in the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and Xiaomi 12S Ultra. In addition, there are said to be a number of new features, including a dual selfie camera. For the iPhone 15 and 15 Plus, on the other hand, you can look forward to a brand new 48-megapixel camera.

Nikkei also reports that latest image sensors developed by Sony are to be used, which deliver a particularly high dynamic range.


Exclusive changes only for iPhone 15 Pro & Ultra?

In addition to new titanium casing, the iPhone 15 Pro and Ultra models are expected to get the exclusive Pro Motion displays with 120Hz as used in the iPhone 14, offering faster and adaptive frame rates with lower battery usage. While the exciting periscope camera remains reserved for the iPhone 15 Ultra, the 15 Pro models are likely to be upgraded with a 10x optical zoom in addition to the 48-megapixel camera.


Availability: How soon will I get my new iPhone?

We will have to be patient for a little while longer. The expected release date is 15 or 22 September 2023, which means you should be able to get your hands on your new iPhone 15 very soon after that.


Hopefully, more rumours and leaks will follow soon that can provide us with more detailed information about the new iPhones. We are definitely remaining excited and will continue to report when new information is released. Until then, we can only wait and look forward to the unveiling of the iPhone 15.