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Item number: 2.5D Clear Glass
  • Premium Tempered Glass for you iPhone
  • Made from Japanese Asahi Glass
  • Full cover with 9H glass & 2.5D curved edges
  • Self-adherent cover with bubble-free application
  • Easy & fast one-finger application
  • Scratchproof & anti-shatter hardness
  • Anti fingerprint due to olephobic layer
  • HD transparency & Face-ID compatible
  • Made for  iPhone 5 to 13 Pro Max


Sustainable quality is hugely important to us! That's why we do not compromise on our materials! All the fabrics we use are of controlled and environmentally friendly origin and are selected by hand. This is not just beneficial for nature, but also means that we can guarantee high quality for every product.
Our tempered glass made of Japanese Asahi glass protects with 9H hardness and yet remains a wafer-thin film that fits your iPhone perfectly.

1mm thin & ca. 12g light

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Unbreakable Tempered Glass - Premium protection for your iPhone
We only want the best for your iPhone - and have therefore created the perfect display protector matching our cases! The protective cover is made from Japanese Asahi glass and moulds to the display without creating air bubbles. Nothing goes past this high quality 9H glass!

Top protection and still Top Functionality
Our safety glass display protection may be a tough guy but it's still so thing that your smartphone doesn't lose any of its functionality. This glass cover is not only scratch proof but also oleophobic, preventing fingerprints and other residues to stick on the surface. Not only that, your display remains 100% functional thanks to crystal clear HD transparency, making it Face ID compatible at all times!

Crystal Clear Quality & Easy Application
Our tempered glass of course comes in different variations. The 2.5D glass is slightly rounded at the edges, comes with crystal clear protection & improves your touch & screen experience. Due to its full transaparancy it is easy to apply & thanks to the japanese full glue cover it can be installed by one single touch!

Product information

Superior Quality & Fair Pricing

We only want the best for your iPhone! Our tempered glasses are made from Japanese Asahi glass, are shatter proof, come with Anti-Fingerprint, HD transparency, Easy to apply...just a great companion to protect your screen

Ultra Hardness avoids Scratches

With our endured steel processing, hardness is up to 9H, which can effectively ease the impact force & protect your iPhone screen from scratches of sharp objects!

Easy Application & Anti-Air Bubbles

The protective premium glass moulds to the display without creating any air bubbles! Apply it easily with one simple, single finger press!

Ultra HD Transparency & Usage

Ultra-clear High Definition with 99.9% transparency to allow an optimal, natural viewing experience, perfect frame transition & easy Face-ID usage.

Certified Quality. Made in Germany

We work closely together with our engineers to create superior, premium tempered glasses. All Woodcessories products are designed in Germany & run through our own hands.

Woodcessories Featured In

"Woodcessories offers sustainable premium alternatives!"

Frequently Asked Questions:

How does the tempered bulletproof glass protect my iPhone screen?
Does the screen protection affect the screen sensitivity/touch function of my iPhone?
How can I ensure a dust-free & bubble-free application?
How do I eliminate annoying bubbles when attaching?
Does the bulletproof glass cover the entire front screen?
The tempered glass shattered when I dropped my iPhone. Is this normal?
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Im Grunde gut, aber... 3 from 5 | Im Grunde gut, aber...

Ich wartete einen Monat auf das Glas. Nach der dritten Nachfrage wurde scheinbar nochmal richtig geprüft und der Fehler im System gefunden. Aber das sollte nicht sein.
Das Glas an sich ist gut, aber das Reinigungstuch, mit welchem das Display vorher gereinigt werden soll, war schon komplett ausgetrocknet.
Ich bin wirklich enttäuscht, weil ich mich bewusst für diesen Hersteller entschied und den erheblichen Mehrpreis im Gegensatz zu ähnlichen Produkten anderer Hersteller, mit denen ich bisher keine schlechten Erfahrungen machte, gerne in Kauf nahm.
Ansonsten macht das Glas einen guten Eindruck. Ich hoffe, dass es lange halten wird.

Im Grunde gut, aber...

Bubble Free Application

Align the tempered glass at the speaker end of the iPhone
Slowly lower the glass to cover the screen from top to bottom. The superior glue will automatically adhere to itself
If any bubbles remain: Do not worry! We will now show you how to remove them.
Please lift up the part of the glass where the bubbles occur.
Use the clothes to smoth them out and gently push down the glass again!
Repeat the last steps till your screen is completely bubble free!