Gift Cards & More

Give away the joy of nature with our Woodcessories gift vouchers! For more flexibility and less gift mistakes! Create your personal gift card with up to 100 Euro gift value.

Upgrade your workspace with our stands and mounts for MacBook and iMac! MacBook stands and iMac display stands are ergonomically designed to improve your concentration and posture and make your workday easier. Choose between the iMac Foot with or without built-in iPhone charging station, as well as MacBook stands for working or mounts for easy storage when charging. Find the perfect Woodcessories companion for your workplace!

No gift ideas yet? Give away a little sustainability! Here you can find our gift vouchers for all your loved ones who care about nature. You'll never lack the right gift idea again and the lucky recipient can choose from our entire collection! Simply select the desired value of the voucher, complete the order and you will receive your personal gift card via email for easy printing at home. Whether it's a Christmas gift, birthday, Easter or other special occasions - you always have the perfect gift!

With our stylish Apple desktop accessories for iMac and MacBook we want to make your screen work easier. Our iMac Monitor Stand raises your iMac screen to the optimal working height and becomes a cool design piece on your desk. The integrated iPhone docking station also allows you to charge your iPhone at the same time and within easy reach.

Our ergonomic, solid wood MacBook stands and mounts create space on your desk and let you work more efficiently. The MacBook stand lifts your notebook to the optimal working height, while our cradle allows you to store your MacBook in a space-saving and stylish way while charging.

Our Reforestation Mission

Gemeinsam gegen den Klimawandel Plant trees with us!

Every order plants a new tree & helps our planet!

How it works

You order a Woodcessories product
we plant a tree for you!
Together we save the climate & help the people!