Eco-friendly Phone Cases

You are still looking for the right phone case for your iPhone? We at Woodcessories have made it our mission to create unique iPhone cases that not only look stylish & protect your iPhone optimally, but are also completely sustainable & plastic-free. This refers not only to the cases, but also to the production, shipping and also our packaging is 100% compostable. Here you can find the right sustainable iPhone case for every iPhone model!

Bio Case - our biodegradable iPhone case

The Bio Case is our first biodegradable phone case. It is made of straw and bio-plastic based on plant starch, which are leftovers during the harvest. We take you and make new yet recycled cell phone cases from agricultural waste and recycled material! Although we produce a compostable iPhone case without plastic due to our material composition, it is still absolutely durable and a faithful companion for your phone and you! We have spent many weeks and months trying different materials to make our Bio Case not only sustainable, but now hygienic and self-cleaning! The result is the first environmentally friendly phone case that destroy up to 99.99% of all bacteria. In just the first 15 minutes, 75% of all germs and bacteria are destroyed by the certified antimicrobial formula and your phone case is sustainably hygienically cleaned of the grossest dirt!

Change Case - 2in1 Detachable Mobile Phone Chain

Two cases with one switch: casual crossbody case to wear around your neck or rather a simple bumper case? You never have to commit yourself again and can decide freely according to your mood. With the 2 in 1 cell phone case with strap you are prepared for everything and have your hands free within seconds - just click in the cell phone chain and you can comfortably hang your iPhone around your shoulder! The Change Case is part of our organic family and is made from a natural wheat blend and biodegradable plant starch (PLA). This plant-based blend is vegan, resource-friendly, and protects your smartphone with the pure power of nature. But most importantly, it is a 100% compostable phone case! Additionally, this mix contains long-lasting antimicrobial material whose special formula destroys 99.99% of all bacteria!

Bumper Case - our unique case made of wood & stone

Our Bumper Case made of real wood or stone protects your iPhone at every fall. The innovative all-round protection cushions your sustainable cell phone case from a height of up to 1.4m. The frame absorbs the impact of your iPhone, but don't worry: all iPhone controls remain easily accessible. Your wood or stone cover comes with unique grain & texture. Each handmade cover is unique. More individuality is not possible!

Slim Case

With our iPhone Slim Case made of real wood we set new standards. With just 1mm & 25 grams it fits like a second skin & is hardly noticeable. Thanks to its natural origin you get a wooden case with unique grain & structure. The high-tech fabric of aramid fibers inside makes the case elastic & robust and prevents splintering of the wood. All controls remain fully accessible thanks to the slim design.

Split Case

An unbeatable combination! Our super slim wood leather case combines the best of both worlds. Handpicked wood & fine leather put you and your iPhone perfectly in scene! The two high-quality materials merge into a unique mix that matches any outfit and turns your iPhone into a first-class trendsetter. Two triangles become a visual unit & precisely fitting protective case that weighs just 27g. The thin case impresses with perfect fit & easy usability. All buttons remain accessible without restriction thanks to the intelligent cutouts & the soft-touch case keeps bumps, scratches & dust away from the iPhone.

Climate Neutral!

Since last year, our Bio Cases for iPhone, Android and AirPods, as well as our Change Cases and our entire office are even climate neutral. So you can buy your eco friendly phone case from us without a guilty conscience and don't have to worry about CO2 emissions! Go in search of your new companion and find your plastic-free phone case!

We produce a sustainable phone case for almost every model: almost all of our products are available as iPhone 11 case, iPhone 12 case, iPhone 13 case, iPhone SE case, as well as many other versions. Even for the new iPhone SE 3 (2022) our products fit!