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Premium Charging Devices

Charge your devices as efficiently as possible with the right accessories!
Our premium charging accessories made from high-quality natural materials give your smartphone the power it needs and charge your battery in seconds!

Discover wireless chargers, MagSafe chargers, smart adapters and Lightning charging cables for the best charging experience up to 15W.

Charging with the power of nature - our sustainable chargers & accessories are made from environmentally friendly materials such as premium wood, soft hemp fabric and recycled aluminium. Together with the latest wireless and MagSafe technology, they create products of the highest quality and efficiency that charge your devices reliably and quickly.

Our wireless chargers are optimised for inductive charging and can charge up to three devices simultaneously. Charge all your devices with just one charging station and you're always ready to go!

With our MagSafe accessories you are well equipped to enjoy the new magnetic function. Our MagPad allows flexible charging with up to 15 W without having to put your iPhone down. The stylish MagSafe cases made of high-quality wood, stone and organic material also let you attach innovative MagSafe accessories to your case thanks to integrated magnets.

For extra power, our Smart Charger is ideal. The USB-C power adapter charges with up to 30 W and ensures lightning-fast charging of your devices.

Charging Collection

Discover our charging devices made of high-quality natural materials and charge your Apple and Android devices with the power of nature.

Our wireless charging stations allow easy charging for all compatible iPhones, AirPods & Android Smartphones. Choose between fine wood, leather and stone as a highlight for your desk or nightstand. We guarantee full charging power!

The Green Team

Hey, we are Woodcessories! Our team has made it its business to develop sustainable accessories made of wood, stone & plants to protect your tech gadget and at the same time support our planet to become a little bit more green!

Climate Neutral Products

Many of our sustainable products are produced without unnecessary CO2 emissions. Everything unavoidable is compensated with climate projects through our cooperation with ClimatePartner.

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"Woodcessories offers sustainable premium alternatives!"