Adapters & Charging Cables

Discover our additional charging accessories for an enhanced charging experience!
With our smart power adapter and tear-resistant charging cables, you can reach peak performance even without wireless charging.

Together they are an unbeatable duo! Our Smart Charger brings extra power, while our robust charging cables provide real strength

With our reinforced wood and nylon charging cables, you'll never have to worry about a broken cable again. The material fortifies and protects the cable, providing you with lasting power. The EcoCable is available as a Lightning or USB-C version and is ideal for all situations with its 1.20m extra length.

The USB-C power adapter additionally provides up to 30 W and ensures lightning-fast charging of your devices.

We are Climate Neutral

Our sustainable products are produced without unnecessary CO2 emissions. Everything unavoidable is compensated with climate projects through our cooperation with Climate Partner.

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"Woodcessories offers sustainable premium alternatives!"

The Green Team

Hey, we are Woodcessories! Our team has made it its business to develop sustainable accessories made of wood, stone & plants to protect your tech gadget and at the same time support our planet to become a little bit more green!