Wooden Desk Shelves
SmartWork Series

Create your ideal desk setup with our sustainable wooden desk accessories. These new wooden design pieces not only enhance your desk, but also help you organise your workspace better and use it more efficiently. Here you'll find smart desk furniture like our ergonomic desk shelf riser and computer shelves, as well as handy desk organizer like iPhone holders and trays.

SmartWork Series

With our ergonomic laptop stand for the desk, we combine design with order. The stylish wooden laptop stand lifts your laptop to eye level and helps you keep your workspace tidy at the same time. The innovative shape of the laptop stand for table not only ensures optimal working, but also allows the laptop holder to be easily pushed to the side to save space.

Our computer stands for laptop are ideally designed for working with an additional screen. This way you can create a comfortable setup with a desktop monitor and our laptop monitor stand and still be able to spontaneously jump into the next meeting with your laptop.

With the simple but stylish shape of the notebook stand, we not only want to stay true to our minimal design, but also guarantee that our wooden laptop holders can be used flexibly on any desk.

Our stands can be used for laptops, notebooks, MacBooks & more up to 17 inches. The best laptop stand for desk work!

The Green Team

Hey, we are Woodcessories! Our team has made it its business to develop sustainable accessories made of wood, stone & plants to protect your tech gadget and at the same time support our planet to become a little bit more green!

Climate Neutral Products

Many of our sustainable products are produced without unnecessary CO2 emissions. Everything unavoidable is compensated with climate projects through our cooperation with ClimatePartner.

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