Wooden Desk Shelves
SmartWork Series

Create your ideal desk setup with our sustainable wooden desk accessories. These new wooden design pieces not only enhance your desk, but also help you organise your workspace better and use it more efficiently. Here you'll find smart desk furniture like our ergonomic desk shelf riser and computer shelves, as well as handy desk organizer like iPhone holders and trays.

Sustainable desk and monitor shelves made of high-quality natural materials - individually adaptable!

Whether at home or in the office - our desks are used practically every day for a variety of tasks. The right desk setup is therefore all the more important! No matter how tidy a workplace is at first, after a while the order disappears under documents and equipment. With our desk accessories, we want to help you organise your workspace better and use it more efficiently, in a sustainable way. A computer desk with monitor shelf automatically raises your computer to the right height and gives you additional free space and an uncluttered office.

Our desk shelves made of walnut and oak wood are available in various designs and can thus be flexibly adapted to any workspace. The high quality wood desk shelf is combined with recycled metal feet for sufficient stability with a sleek minimal design. Our office shelf organizers are available as a simple monitor shelf for desk or desk topper shelf with additional storage space thanks to practical shelves.

Additional desk equipment such as mounts, trays and chargers make your desk work easier and give all your devices their proper place. Together with your desk shelf organizer, you ensure long-term order and more efficient work.

Find the desk accessories & desktop shelf organizer for your individual needs!

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