Bio Products

Woodcessories greener than ever - Discover our new organic products based on plants! The innovative biomaterial consists of an organic wheat mixture and pollutant-free organic plastic made exclusively of renewable raw materials. In this way we protect nature and reduce our emissions.
Our biodegradable iPhone Bio Case is not only vegan and resource-saving, but also an Upcycle Case! By using only recyclable raw materials, we can repurpose our cases and you can help us: Just send us your case back when it has blessed time, and we'll use it to make new products!

Our Upcycling Mission

Join the Movement Upcycle with us & Save 30%!

Send us back your used bio product & help us save important resources!

How it works

You send us back your used Bio Case
After receiving it, we send you a 30% discount voucher!
We recycle the case & help the planet!