Bio Products

Discover our new plant-based organic products!
The innovative biomaterial consists of an organic wheat mixture & pollutant-free bio-plastic from exclusively renewable raw materials. This way we protect nature and reduce our emissions.
Our biodegradable mobile phone covers are not only vegan and resource-saving, but also upcycling products! By using only recyclable raw materials, we can always reuse our cases and you can help us do so: Just send us your case back and we will use it to produce new products!

But the best is yet to come: most of our organic products are now antimicrobial and germ-free! Especially now hygiene is more important than ever and a lot of bacteria and germs collect on your smartphone every day. We have the solution! Our antimicrobial coating is not only antibacterial but also effective against many other spores, fungi and even viruses!Instead of having to disinfect regularly, your phone cover practically cleans itself and destroys 99% of bacteria!

Our Upcycling Mission

Join the Movement Upcycle with us & Save 30%!

Send us back your used bio product & help us save important resources!

How it works

You send us back your used Bio Case
After receiving it, we send you a 30% discount voucher!
We recycle the case & help the planet!