EcoStrap Apple Watch strap wood 42mm maple black steel

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Item number: eco148
  • Premium Wooden Apple watch band

  • Made from walnut or maple wood
  • High quality stainless steel closure
  • Smart Butterfly buckle for easy handling
  • Incredible look, fit & comfort for everyday use
  • Ultralight (40g) & super slim design.
  • Adjustable to fit any wrist (Tools included)
  • Available for Apple Watch 38mm & 42mm
  • For Apple Watch 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & SE
  • Can be enlarged to 240mm wrist scope



Woodcessories insists on the use of excellent materials that are certified and made to last! Thoughtfully sourced wood, handselected raw materials and high quality standard are the foundation of our wooden characters.

Crafted by hand from beautiful wood, our unique Apple Watch band has been designed to add minimal bulk to your wrist while providing maximum comfort. With just 40g each wooden band offers perfect fit & comfort for your everyday use. It is adjustable to fit any wrist.

0,5cm thin & ca. 40g light

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Technology meets Nature

Our wooden watch band blends perfectly with your Apple Watch providing the most unique & minimalstic look! Stand out from the crowd & decide between american walnut or cool maple wood!

Perfect Fit for every wrist

The EcoStrap offers good wearing comfort. Our handmade watch strap fits every wrist thanks to the adjustable band. Of course you will receive addtional links & the tools within your order.

As unique as Nature itself

The natural origin gives every wooden strap an inimitable grain and structure. Every handmade fashionable band is a unique one of a kind!

Ultra Light & Smart Functions

Our wooden watch band comes with a super slim & light design. With just 40gram it is even lighter then a steel or leather band. Comes with smart buckle & aluminium adapters.

Compatible for Watch 1 to 4

Our EcoStrap from real wood is available for all Apple Watch generations. No matter if Apple Watch 1, 2, 3, or 4. The strap is the perfect companion for All!

You order. We plant!

With every sold product we support the organization Trees for the Future & plant a new tree for you! For the future, for the next generations and for a better planet.

Woodcessories Featured In

"Woodcessories offers sustainable premium alternatives!"

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does the EcoStrap fit my wrist?
Yes - one size fits all! The band can be adjusted down or up by removing or adding some wooden links. Of course you will receive addtional links & the tools within your order.
Can I apply the bracelet myself?
How much does an EcoStrap weigh?
Is the wristband made from real wood?
Does the production of the Apple Watch band harm the environment?
Does the wooden product need extra care?

Average product review


4.5 von 5 Sternen

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Installation Guide

Everything you need for the adjustment of your EcoStrap are the additional wooden links & pins provided in your EcoStrap box. If you are unsure about doing the adjustment yourself, please visit a watchmaker close to you.
On each side of the band you will find two holes which you will need to shorten/enlarge the band. Please make sure to use the right hole side (with small circle)
Place the EcoStrap on the provided foam from your packaging. Position one of the additional pins OR the pin pusher on one of the correct side of holes (in the middle of the circle!) & start knocking the inside pin out of the wooden link.
After you knock out the inside pin the wooden link will also release the small crown. Now you have successfully opened the wooden linkage. Note: in order to open one wooden link you need to remove two inside pins. Please repeat this process in order to remove/add the desired amount of wooden links.
If you assemble the wooden links back together please put in the pin first (assure to put it in from the correct side). Secondly put the small crown back on top of the pin. To merge pin and crown back together it is important to softly knock the crown back on the pin. Here you should aim for the frame/edge of the crown (not the hole of the pin).
If you are unsure about doing the adjustment yourself, please contact a watchmaker close to you. Another helpful tool to remove the inside pins is a pin remover which you can buy on Amazon, Ebay etc. Please not that Woodcessories will not bear responsibility for any damages which may arise during the adjustment of the wooden band.