The cleanest smartphone case in the world

Woodcessories protects the planet and you! Our new biodegradable Bio Case, made from straw & wheat, removes up to 99.99% of all bacteria on your phone! With our cover made from plant residues we offer the perfect environmentally friendly & fair alternative!

Your smartphone is a real germ incubator!

Hygiene is more important than ever before and regular hand washing and disinfecting are now part of our daily routine. But have you ever thought about all the things we carry around with us every day?Everyone picks up their smartphone alone about 100 times a day and puts it down on countless surfaces. There's often more bacteria than on a toilet bowl!

Germs and pathogens often stay on your device for several days and a quick wipe on your t-shirt doesn't do much. We believe that something we touch this often with our hands and face should be as clean and hygienic as possible.

Our Bio Case is the Solution!

Over several months, we have been collaborating with various test laboratories and suppliers to develop our new hygienic Bio Case, incorporating a durable antimicrobial material that is guaranteed to destroy all dangerous bacteria!

Self-desinfecting & Hygienically clean!

Bacteria are not visible to the naked eye, but they are always with you. Studies have shown that especially on our smartphones there are thousands of bacteria that can be harmful to your health. Naturally, we want to prevent this and have now been testing different materials for many weeks to make our Bio Case not only sustainable but also hygienic and self-cleaning!

Up to 99% less bacteria within 2 hours!

The result is the first compostable bio case that destroys 99.99% of all bacteria while remaining pollutant-free and completely biodegradable. Already in the first 15 minutes 85% of all germs and bacteria are destroyed by the certified antimicrobial formula and your cases are hygienically cleaned from the worst dirt!

Discover our new antimicrobial organic collection:
iPhone Case Eco-Friendly
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Navy Blue Navy Blue
Midnight Green Midnight Green
Wine Red Wine Red
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AirPods Case Eco-Friendly
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Our Antimicrobial Bio Case in comparison

Bio Case vs conventional case!

Look for yourself and see the antimicrobial power of our Woodcessories Bio cases! We have carried out certified laboratory experiments as well as in-house testing procedures and observed our cases together with conventional silicone covers over several weeks and analysed the development of bacteria.

Medical cleanliness confirmed by test laboratories

With Woodcessories everything has real substance!

Since 2013 we have been working with the German TÜV or the international testing company SGS for all our tests. SGS is the world's leading company in the areas of testing, verification & certification, especially in laboratory tests. Also our antibacterial material has been tested for months by SGS in certified laboratories and kills common forms of bacteria like E.coli and MRSA.

Worldwide recognized formula against bacteria

We have partnered with the UK-based world leader in antimicrobial technology to provide you with the best possible and cleanest solution for your Smartphone and AirPods. The industry-leading formula is a globally recognized formula that uses natural ions to destroy bacteria, germs, but also odor causing and staining microbes such as mold and keep surfaces completely hygienically clean.

How does it work:

Silver ions in the antibacterial formula kill all bacteria and germs at the DNA level. Bacteria such as MRSA, E-Coli & Ehec can be quickly destroyed and your iPhone case practically cleans itself. The integrated formula works within the first 15 minutes (86% bacteria reduction). After 2 hours 99,5% of all bacteria and germs are killed!

Germ-free & still pollutant-free!

Our Bio Case consists of an environmentally friendly mix of a natural wheat compound and pollutant-free bio-plastic, which is based on biodegradable plant starch. This plant-based mix is vegan, resource-saving and protects your smartphone with the pure power of nature! The integrated antimicrobial material is also completely pollutant-free and leaves no residues!

The coolest colors!
Now also for Samsung.

In terms of environmentally friendly materials and hygiene, we have set the standard quite high.
But we don't compromise for style!

The Bio Case is available in our well-tried colours black and khaki green, but also in our new trend colours navy blue, lavender blue, coral pink and mint green! Suitable for iPhone 6 / 7 / 8 / SE / X(s) / 11 / 11 Pro / 11 Pro Max / 12 / 12 Mini / 12 Pro / 12 Pro Max, AirPods (Pro) & Samsung S20 Plus/Ultra / A21 / A41/ A51 / A71

Frequently Asked Questions:
How does it work?
The antimicrobial additives consist of harmless, non-toxic silver ions whose sterilizing effect only affects bacteria, killing them at the DNA level! It is even effective against harmful bacteria like mrsa, e-coli or ehec. The effective, certified formula kills the most severe amount (86%) of bacteria and germs within the first 15 minutes!? After two hours up to 99.5% are killed!
The antimicrobial additives consist of harmless natural silver ions, whose sterilising effect only affects bacteria.
The Bio Case is bio degradable. Does the germ-free material also decompose and become ineffective?
How long does it take for my case to be germ-free?
Is my BioCase still sustainable despite the antimicrobial material?
Will I never get sick again with the new Bio Case?
Does the BioCase really kill bacteria? Who verifies medical cleanliness?
Does the germ-free material of the Bio Case protect against coronavirus (Covid-19)?
Does the Bio Case really consist of straw & wheat?
How can I recycle your Bio Case?
Is this sustainable case also dropdown tested?
Does this organic iPhone case need special care?
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