BIO CASE AIRPODS PRO Antibacterial AirPods Pro Bio Case

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Item number: Air Case Bio AirPods Pro
  • Sustainable biodegradable AirPods Pro Case

  • Made from Plants (Wheat & Straw)
  • Upcycling Product (Agricultural Waste)
  • Pollutant Free & REACH Certified
  • SGS certified antimicrobial material!
  • Kills. 99.9% of all germs & bacteria
  • 360° Certified Drop-Down Protection
  • Slim Design with reinforced edges
  • Close-fitting cover with anti-slip coating
  • Compatible with Wireless Charging
  • For AirPods 1st & 2nd generation
  • Send it back to us - we'll recycle your case for you!


Woodcessories relies on nature and uses exclusively agricultural waste materials for all organic casings. The grain mixture of wheat and straw is produced without pollutants and under environmentally friendly conditions. The antimicrobial additives consist of harmless, non-toxic silver ions whose sterilizing effect only affects bacteria. By recycling our cases we reduce waste production and save resources.
Our AirPods Pro cover is made from a sustainable mix of wheat & straw and is a real flyweight & scores with a super thin design concept! At only about 25g, the organic case is no heavier than an ordinary plastic case. Ideal for your everyday adventures, the green way!

5cm x 6cm x 2.2cm / 25g

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300 million

tons of plastic are produced every year

10 million

tons of plastic waste each year end up
in water & microplastics enter our bodies every year

1 million

marine animals die each year
from marine pollution
Making a Difference
with the Bio Case!

The Green

Our biodegradable AirPods Pro case leaves no ecological footprint! With this plant-based case we offer the perfect environmentally friendly alternative & declare war against plastic!

Vegan & Recycled



100% Pollutant-Free

What's in it? BioRec

BioRec consists of a mix of straw residues & pollutant-free bio-plastic, which is biodegradedable & protects against bacteria! Our biomaterial is certified according to European Standard EN 13432!

Stay Clean! Antimicrobial Protection

Our innovative, antibacterial formula kills 99,9% of all germs & bacteria while staying organic! Discover the self cleaning, sustainable solution!

The Bacteria Test

Other cases and surfaces can contain more bacteria than on a toilet seat. Our Bio Case stays medical clean!


We only use agricultural waste that would otherwise be incinerated & produce an honest product. Our plant-based case is also 100% free of pollutants & lead. Your case for a clear conscience!

Made for
everyday life!

  • Feather-light
    & 1mm Thin
  • Wireless Charging
  • Water Repellent
    & Anti-Slip


Your new sustainable AirPod case is made from 100% organic materials and can be easily composted at home and leaves no harmful waste!

Certified & Tested 360º protection!

Our organic protective covers have survived 2m falls in certified test laboratories!

You order.
We plant!

Not only do we produce plastic-free, we also plant a tree for every product sold! This is not only good for the planet, but also for people and the climate.

Making A
Difference Now!

Choose our planet!
Choose the Bio Case!

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"Woodcessories offers sustainable premium alternatives!"

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does my AirPods Case really consists wheat & straw?
Exactly! We use straw and grain, which are the residues of the harvest. These leftovers would otherwise be burned. We take them and turn them into your new drop-proof AirPods. Additionally, we use bioplastics based on plant starch (PLA). PLA is one of the bioplastics that are made from renewable resources - i.e. it is both bio-based and compostable. The organic material we use is even certified according to European Standard EN 13432 for compostability. Our natural material makes it possible for your AirPods Cases to be fully composted!

Note: Since PLA consists of polylactic acids, it can happen that white spots appear on the surface of your organic case, especially after a longer period of non-use. Don't worry - this is a completely natural reaction of the sustainable material and can be easily wiped off.
Is the bio material completely compostable?
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