AirPods Cases

Woodcessories now offers sustainable cases & accessories for your Apple AirPods (1. & 2nd Generation) & AirPods Pro! Our biodegradable AirPods case leaves no ecological footprint and comes with 100% zero waste! With this plant-based solution we offer the perfect environmentally friendly alternative & declare war against plastic! There is no planet B!

Our AirCase made from full-grain high quality leather is the first AirPod case you can wear around your neck. This super soft cover is the perfect combo of protection and comfort thanks to its detachable & adjustable necklace! Keep your handsfree!

Our Reforestation Mission

Gemeinsam gegen den Klimawandel Plant trees with us!

Every order plants a new tree & helps our planet!

How it works

You order a Woodcessories product
we plant a tree for you!
Together we save the climate & help the people!