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Our Team & Story

We are in love with nature with all its facets. Our mission: Create classy Apple accessories from wood and stone and design personal pieces of nature for everyday life. We are inspired by our environment and all the people surrounding us to create products standing for nature, aesthetic and functionality. Who we are? Take a look! We integrated one or two little fun facts about us Discover our Story

Our Green Mission

We know where we and especially our products come from. So it was really important to us to produce ecologically friendly from the beginning and also return something to nature.

Thanks to our our collaboration with Trees for the Future (TFTF) we plant one new tree per product sold & already helped our planet by donating over 150.000 trees!

Be a part of our Mission

Our Materials

Which materials do we work with? What characteristics do they have? Where do they come from? On the following page we offer a detailed register with explanation to all used raw materials and additonal information about origin, properties and components.

We receive our natural materials from sustainable sources, use natural wax for the coating and animal-friendly napalon-leather. We keep an eye on ecologically friendly obtaining of materials. Discover our Materials

Our Crafts & Design

Where do our ideas and our design come from? We want our customers to know, where our one-of-a-kinds originate from. That is why we summarized details concerning our designing process and our craftmanship on the following page.

Woodcessories products are handmade and created in Germany. We pay attention to short production chains and only work with small manufacturers who follow our ecological and ethical standards. Discover our Crafts