Inspired by nature & tech our german-based Team creates Apples gadgets and smart solutions centered on design & usability to meet the demands of today's creatives!

Geri Sales Manager & Internal Helpline Our sales expert, who also ensures that everything runs smoothly in the background - and therefore has to listen to our questions day in day out.

Ramona Accounting & Amateur Chef Is bravely fighting her way through the paperwork jungle each day. Also the person to ask when you're looking for new recipes or the coolest restaurants in town.

Sebastian Design & Globetrotter Creative commander of Woodcessories living for perfect design. Already been to Curpetino, Paris Fashion Week and multiple museums to seek inspiration.

Laura Content Manager & Gardening Fairy Knows exactly how the SEO-wind blows and is constantly working on our Webshop. She's not afraid of getting her hands dirty and sometimes brings fresh goods from her own little garden.

Marina Account Manager & Baking Queen Most of the time the first in the office and stays on top of the E-Commerce-chaos. Fun Fact: She makes the best strawberry cake.

Sebastian Sales Manager & Forester Is Woodcessorie's commander-in-chief and extremely convincing regarding customer acquisition - special thanks to his lumberjack beard.

Lea Social Media & Sweet Tooth Ist unser Office-Küken und Grafik-Genie. Statt Kaffee braucht sie Schokolade um durch den Tag zu kommen.

Jenny Social Media & Lifestyle Expert Has the right nose for finding cooperation partners. She is always up to date, especially when it comes to Green Living!

Laura Social Media & Trendsetter Whether on Facebook or our Woodcessories blog, her fingers never stand still on the keyboard. At this pace, it's no wonder she's always the first to know about the newest trends!

Timur Sales & Storyteller Drives our sales & has the best storys from his business trips. Once saw a turkish Kangal fight multiple Ligers (half lion-half tiger). The Kangal won.

Thu Marketplace Manager & Honorary Office Nurse She is fully committed to our online marketplaces - and thanks to her medical studies we all feel just as well looked after!

Sarah Account Manager & Surfer Girl When she is not on the surfboard, she rides the e-commerce waves in the office and makes sure that everything runs smoothly in our marketplaces.


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& how a man named Bill linked us with Nature!

Everything started with a backpacking-trip in Colorado. In the middle of the Roosevelt National Forest, we met Bill. He was a real Mountain States original and entertained us with stories of his adventures in the wild. His zest for life was equally contagious and inspiring and his love for the forests, rivers and mountains seemed boundless. We were on fire: Bill's connection to nature and its beauty made us realise, that being able to see the world through his eyes was a gift, a gift that everyone should be able to experience.

Bill left us with the question why a connection to nature and ecological awareness is continually getting lost. Why do we produce less natural, honest products? It was time for a change! We wanted to bring back the passion for and dedication to handmade and unique pieces to give everyone a personal piece of nature in our fast-paced society.

We, Sebastian & Sebastian, were two students for economics with no design skills, no IT skills and no craftwork skills. In short: not qualified at all for what we were attempting to do. Still we decided to take the risk and put all of our energy and love into this project. We wanted to create fair, nature-based products; products, that bloom with individuality in everyday usage and turn into indispensable and loved companions. Woodcessories was born!

Even big plans start out small

In 2013 we started to create high-end charging docks made out of recycled ship wood and stunned the market with our first wooden innovation. It was an immediate hit and we realised quickly just how big the potential for sustainable Apple & Samsung pieces really was and we were convinced that our passion for nature would help us create even more individual accessories based on purely natural materials.

Today we manage to cover the entirety of the Apple product family to give each of you the opportunity to carry a piece of nature with you wherever you go. The minimalist style of our wooden accessories and the sleek aesthetic of the apple design creates a perfect symbiosis of pure elegance.

And we are still full of new ideas! After creating wooden companions for your iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, iMacs and Apple Watches, we are moving on to a completely new material and introducing THE STONE COLLECTION. We are excited to announce our newest collection of cases made out of real slate stone that evolved over 350 million years in the earth crust. Each case is a unique piece of Mother Earth!

We are now settled in the Ruhr Valley of Germany. From the first sketches to the finished product, each design is created by our Woodcessories team. We avoid unnecessary stopovers, producers or distributors to offer good quality with a fair pricing & just honest, handmade products!

You buy a Woodcessories, We plant a new Tree!

With our strict inspections we can guarantee you sustainable forestry during the acquisition of our wood. And not just that: Together with Trees for the Future we plant a new tree for every Woodcessories product we sell. By that we can support nature as well as improve the livelihood of many families. Learn about our Mission

German Engineering & traditional Craftmanship!

We also guarantee traditional craft. Every product develops its own unique character thanks to our meticulous crafting and the use of handpicked materials. With lots of love and attention to detail new unique products emerge from our workshops every day looking for a new proud owner to protect your premium Apple & Samsung device! Discover our Crafts