Hey, we are Woodcessories! Our team has made it its business to develop sustainable accessories made of wood, stone & plants to protect your tech gadget and at the same time support our planet to become a little bit more green!

Founded for nature!

Our closeness to nature is the core of our young team, which has been turning the accessories market upside down since 2013! With much passion, dedication and high quality standards we develop plastic-free companions for your everyday life and for a better environmental awareness!

Our Mission:
Green Alternatives!

We pursue the goal of developing sustainable products with minimal environmental pollution. We want to rethink in the long term and inspire others to join our mission!

The path is the goal!

And our path is GREEN! Everything we do affects the planet! That's why we produce completely environmentally friendly, sustainable and want to evolve into a completely plastic-free company! Together with you we can make a contribution against climate change!

With a little help from your friends!

We are a community. We are a team! We follow the same vision and are there for each other! You will find our honest and genuine character in each single product!

Discover our personal favorites!
iPhone Case Eco-Friendly
Black Black
Navy Blue Navy Blue
Midnight Green Midnight Green
Wine Red Wine Red
Mint Green Mint Green
Taupe Brown Taupe Brown
Peach Peach

Our Green Office!

We live our values and have built one of the most sustainable offices in Germany! Equipped with energy-saving technology and reusable office equipment, we want to master everyday office life without paper and plastic and thus make a contribution to climate protection not only with our products, but also by ourselves!

Ideas for the future!

An inspiring workplace where we develop award winning, environmentally friendly products every day! Every single employee has a major impact on our success and identity and makes Woodcessories what it is!

The Wood Crew

The sweet faces behind the brand! Get to know the folks here who create unique and incomparable pieces that inspire with their naturalness, aesthetics and functionality.

Geri Sales Manager & Internal Helpline Our sales expert, who also ensures that everything runs smoothly in the background - and therefore has to listen to our questions day in day out.

Sebastian Sales Manager & Forester Is Woodcessorie's commander-in-chief and extremely convincing regarding customer acquisition - special thanks to his lumberjack beard.

Marina Account Manager & Baking Queen Most of the time the first in the office and stays on top of the E-Commerce-chaos. Fun Fact: She makes the best strawberry cake.

Sebastian Design & Globetrotter Creative commander of Woodcessories living for perfect design. Already been to Curpetino, Paris Fashion Week and multiple museums to seek inspiration.

Laura Content Manager & Gardening Fairy Knows exactly how the SEO-wind blows and is constantly working on our Webshop. She's not afraid of getting her hands dirty and sometimes brings fresh goods from her own little garden.

Lea Social Media & Sweet Tooth Our youngest team member and our very own graphics genius. Instead of coffee, it's a daily dose of chocolate that gets her through the day!

Laura Social Media & Trendsetter Whether on Facebook or our Woodcessories blog, her fingers never stand still on the keyboard. At this pace, it's no wonder she's always the first to know about the newest trends!

Timur Sales & Storyteller Drives our sales & has the best storys from his business trips. Once saw a turkish Kangal fight multiple Ligers (half lion-half tiger). The Kangal won.

Sarah Account Manager & Surfer Girl When she is not on the surfboard, she rides the e-commerce waves in the office and makes sure that everything runs smoothly in our marketplaces.


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Our personal picks!
MacBook Cover Skin Stone
Volcano Black Volcano Black
Camo Gray Camo Gray
Antique White Antique White
Canyon Red Canyon Red
iPhone Case Eco-Friendly
Black Black
Navy Blue Navy Blue
Midnight Green Midnight Green
Wine Red Wine Red
Mint Green Mint Green
Taupe Brown Taupe Brown
Peach Peach


Join our green movement and say NO TO PLASTIC! Only together we can shape our future!

You buy a Woodcessories, We plant a new Tree!

Together with Trees for the Future we plant a new tree for every Woodcessories product we sell. By that we can support nature as well as improve the livelihood of many families. Learn about our Mission

German Craftmanship!

We live traditional craft. Every product develops its own unique character thanks to our meticulous crafting and the use of handpicked materials. With lots of love and attention to detail new unique products emerge from our workshops every day looking for a new proud owner to protect your tech device! Discover our Crafts