Sustainability, environmental awareness and social engagement - that is what we stand for and that is exactly what we want to reflect through our products.

It is important to us that we only use high quality and environmentally friendly materials in the manufacturing so you can become the proud owner of a completely sustainable Woodcessories product.

Walnut Wood (Juglans Nigra)

The wood of the walnut tree belongs to the premium woods and is especially eyecatching due to its beautiful rich brown texture and strong grain. It's extraordinarily robust and therefore perfectly suited for protecting your smartphone
Oak Wood (Quercus Trojana)

Oak wood is a ring-porous kind of wood, showing first a yellow to light brown colouring until it darkens into a beautiful golden-tinted brown. Thanks to its stability and resilience, oak is commonly used in numerous areas of wood work as well as design objects and architecture.
Cherry Wood (Prunus Serotina)

With its warm colouring and fine grain, the cherry tree produces a very special wood. This premium wood captivates with its simple elegance and silky shine, elevating your phone in a subtle way. Additionally, it is elastic, robust and therefore perfectly fitted for the production of our protective cases
Bamboo Wood (Bambuseae)

Our bamboo wood originates from sustainable forests in Asia and due to its extremely fast growth bamboo is also best suited for production. Show your sustainable side with our bamboo collection!
Maple Wood (Accer Saccharum)

With its warm and bright colour, which darkens beautifully over time, the maple counts as one of the most popular kinds of wood, especially when it comes to furniture. This wood from the forests of North America is soft and pliable and creates a shatterproof protective layer for your iPhone, iPad or MacBook.

Wood Care

Please be aware that you receive a natural product made of Real Wood! Thus you can expect a variation in color and wood grain. Irregularities in terms of grain and surface are considered as as sign of quality and authenticity. We suggest not exposing your unique wooden product to dampness, strong heat or temperature variations. Water contact such as rain drops will not harm your unicum! The natural resin protects the wood sustainably thus you do not need to varnish or treat the wood.
Please note: As time goes by your Woodcessories piece will age beautifully and develop an unique pantina.


Discover a new world with accessories made from real stone & slate.
Our exclusive stone cases made from handpicked granite, slate and granular quartz recovered from rock formations that evolved over 350 million years in the earths crust. We choose only the best of mother nature for your Apple device.
Much like leather, our stone develops a beautiful and individual patina over time, giving your case its very own character. After a few months, nature leaves its special traces on your case with small colour and structure changes that make your product even more unique!
Due to our innovative coating process, the stone becomes flexible, shatterproof and even waterproof!

Camo Gray The Camo Gray is probably the most striking color of our Stone Collection. Get inspired by the stunning interplay between frequencies of brown and grey hues. The Camo Gray reflects natural sceneries in terms of its honest rawness and unpredictability.The natural gray evokes images of wild creeks, rivers and forests and reminds of natural camouflage pattern.
Volcano Black Our Volcano Black case will not make Mount Vesuvius erupt again, but it will take you on an adventurous journey. The Volcano Black cover evokes wild nature vibes with its dark shades and uneven surface structure and makes you feel like you were touching a real volcano. As every stone case is handmade from genuine stone & slate, the structure and color is never foreseeable and your premium case might come along with reddish highlights, which unfold like flaming lava from an active volcano.
Canyon Red Structure and color seem to be taken directly from the layers of the Grand Canyon and make you dream of long journeys and endless mountain ranges. As soon as you touch the surface of your iPhone stone case, the feeling reminds of a soft mixture of sand and velvet and catapults you into landscapes in the heart of the deepest, most mysterious canyons. The dusty pink color of this slate piece elevates each urban outfit to a new level.
Antique White Our Antique White stone is here to make a difference. Its look catapults you to a time long before iPhones and innovative technologies: The Antique White vibes enqueue among Roman temples and statues. Its natural surface shines in its granite-like, noble color, structure flows and transitions. It embraces playfully the antique note of the real stone and adjusts smoothly to the silvery aluminum of your Apple device.


We have put all our love for nature into our new organic bio products and developed an innovative sustainable organic material that protects your gadgets & the environment at the same time. The Bio Case and all future items in this collection are made from an environmentally friendly mix of natural wheat mix and non-polluting organic plastic that is easy to recycle. This plant-based blend is vegan, resource-saving and protects your smartphone, tablet & co with the pure power of nature!

Black The little black one should never be missing, not even from our Bio Cases. Our Bio Case captivates in the color black by simple elegance and a design that fits simply everywhere.
Green Greener than our green Bio Case is really not possible! The small golden yellow speckles of the organic wheat material give the calm green that special something.
Rose The soft bio rose colour immediately puts you in summer mood. Who doesn't think of a beautiful (vegan) forest berry ice cream? The warm pink tone transforms the case into a real eye-catcher with very individual details thanks to our eco-friendly wheat material.
Natural White Our Bio Case left in its natural state. The warm natural white with small traces of wheat reminds you of the colour of fresh linen and golden grain fields in summer. A real piece of nature at your side!


Our handmade Apple pieces are made of certified, thoughtfully sourced wood & exclusive stone.
But also our other materials like wool, felt & paper are sourced from sustainable sources, are controlled and environmentally friendly.
Our packaging for example consists of at least of 98% recycled paper, mostly cardboard paper. It is completely sustainable and can easily be reused or simply composted. Think green. We do!

Recycled Paper Packaging made of recycled material is a trend we have been a part of from the start! All of our packaging, meaning all product and shipping packaging as well as any other enclosed material, consists of at least of 98% recycled paper and cardboard. It is completely environmentally friendly and can easily be reused or simply composted.
Napalon Leather Because of our convictions we decided on using high quality napalon leather or the manufacturing of our cases and pouches. Its appearance is very similar to that of Nappa leather but it is instead gained from artificial materials. In contrast to many other PU leathers, napalon leather is based on only vegetal, ecologically degradable matter. We are of course also very attentive that no softener, mineral oil oder other environmentally hazardous ingredients are included! The result is an environmentally & animal friendly alternative with an authentic look.
Wool The high quality wool fabric we use for our MacBook pouches is robust and at the same time super soft so that it not only prevents scratching and grime but is also waterproof. Your MacBook is well protected even when it's raining and you will never have to worry about additional protection again. Enjoy premium wool fabric for a soft touch & feel and a trendsetting look!
Recycled Hard Plastic All our cases are now made from recycled polycarbonate plastic, which is not only recycled but also 100% non-toxic free of harmful substances. We manufacture our products without toxins and other environmentally harmful substances under the strict eyes of the REACH and RoHS directives. The resistant PC material is particularly robust and durable.
Soft Felt Felt is one of the oldest man-made textiles and sustainable fabric. To produce felt, raw wool undergoes a felting process, which involves matting, condensing and pressing the fibers. Our super soft felt is born in Germany and comes from a controlled, eco-friendly origin. Thanks to its soft texture it is perfect for keeping your iPhone screen snugged and protected.
Recycled Silicone From now on our Bumper Cases are a little bit greener, because our silicone is 100% pollutant-free and recycled! The flexible and robust TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) is manufactured without any environmentally harmful chemicals under the strict REACH and RoHS standards and protects your smartphone with a perfect fit.


100% recycled

Packaging made of recycled material is a trend we have been a part of from the start! All of our packaging, meaning all product and shipping packaging as well as any other enclosed material, consists of at least of 98% recycled paper and cardboard. It is completely environmentally friendly and can easily be reused or simply composted.

You buy a Woodcessories, We plant a new Tree!

With our strict inspections we can guarantee you sustainable forestry during the acquisition of our wood. And not just that: Together with Trees for the Future we plant a new tree for every Woodcessories product we sell. By that we can support nature as well as improve the livelihood of many families. Learn about our Mission

Fight back
against bacteria!

Right now hygiene is more important than ever, and a multitude of bacteria and germs accumulate on your smartphone every day. We have the solution! Our first organic and antibacterial case makes a difference! Of course completely sustainable and TÜV tested! Discover our bacteria protection