Sustainability, environmental awareness and social commitment - that is what we stand for. And this is exactly what we want to reflect in our products. Our team loves high-quality designer pieces and sustainable, innovative raw materials.

That' s why it is extremely important for us that we only use tested, high-quality and above all environmentally friendly materials in the production of our unique pieces. We want to create a well thought-out and honest product that will become your individual companion.


Wood is one of nature's most precious goods and is perfect for protecting your smartphone thanks to its durability and flexibility.

All woods used by us come exclusively from sustainable forestry and are hand selected and examined beforehand. This way we guarantee that we do not contribute to the deforestation of important forests and at the same time that we only work with woods of the highest quality.

Each of our wood products is absolutely unique thanks to its individual grain & structure and also remains robust and waterproof thanks to a special coating!


Our exclusive stone cases made of granite, slate and quartzite come from all over the world and are extracted from rock formations that have evolved over up to 350 million years in the earth's crust.

Similar to leather, the stone develops a unique patina over time, which gives your case its own character. After a few months, slight changes in color and structure become visible. Nature leaves its very own marks on your case and makes it an absolutely unique piece of art!

The stone is flexible, unbreakable, and even waterproof thanks to our innovative sealing system!


The innovative sustainable organic material protects your case and the environment at the same time! All products in our organic collection are made from plant-based wheat residues that are vegan, compostable & low in pollutants.


For our AirPods cases we use full grain premium leather from the USA. The so-called "Full Grain" leather is the highest quality and most natural type of leather, which is particularly durable and water-repellent. In addition, we have deliberately chosen a vegetable tanning process, which means that only natural substances such as plant fibers and tree bark are used.

All other pouches are made of high-quality Napalon leather. This looks very similar to nappa leather and is made from ecologically degradable natural materials that form a robust plastic. This means you get an environmentally and animal-friendly version with an authentic look.


Our new Eco Sleeves are made from water repellent, durable kraft paper & recycled PET felt and are designed to accompany your modern and sustainable lifestyle unconditionally. The innovative kraft paper is made from 100% natural wood fibres sourced from certified sustainable forests. The robust pulp fibres increase the stability and durability of the laptop bag while reducing its weight for an ultra-lightweight feel.


From now on, the frames of our cases are made only from recycled silicone and polycarbonate plastic, which is not only recycled but also very low in pollutants.

Under the strict scrutiny of REACH and RoHS guidelines, we manufacture our products without toxins and other environmentally harmful substances. The durable PC material is particularly robust and durable.


Right from the start we have been using packaging made from recycled material, which we ship as climate-neutrally as possible.

All our packaging, that is all product packaging, all shipping packaging and other supplementary material, consists of at least 99% recycled waste paper and cardboard. So it is completely environmentally friendly and can be easily reused or composted.

You buy a Woodcessories, We plant a new Tree!

With our strict inspections we can guarantee you sustainable forestry during the acquisition of our wood. And not just that: Together with Trees for the Future we plant a new tree for every Woodcessories product we sell. By that we can support nature as well as improve the livelihood of many families. Learn about our Mission

Fight back
against bacteria!

Right now hygiene is more important than ever, and a multitude of bacteria and germs accumulate on your smartphone every day. We have the solution! Our first organic and antibacterial case makes a difference! Of course completely sustainable and TÜV tested! Discover our bacteria protection