We aim for timeless & pure designs

Sebastian & Sebastian, founders of Woodcessories, were always fascinated by the minimalistic look and clean aesthetic of Apple-products. In a long creation process they developed timeless accessories made from wood and stone that are made to stand out.

„We always wanted to create an inemitable connection between technology and nature. Inspired by the aesthetics of Apple products, we were seeking for cases and accessories that would underline the intuitional usability of Apple designs.“

Sebastian Zawadiak, creative mind of the startup

Extraordinary Design needs Functionality.

Our product portfolio covers the whole Apple family. No matter if it is our cases for iPhone, iPad or MacBook, our charging cables, wireless docks or high end desk gadgets: every single one is unique & handmade. We insist on creating puristic design that convinces with airiness, high wearing comfort and smart functionality.

Unique Apple Tech.
Made in Germany

All our designs are created in our own workshops inspired by scandinavian style supporting simlpicity and ease. We work closely together with manufacturers and engineers to create unique pieces. Woodcessories is Designed in Germany and all products run through our own hands.

First Sketch of our Wireless Charger
Material Selection during Sampling
Controlled drying during production
Each piece is controlled by hand
Quality assurance of charging function

Woodcessories products arise by hand. They are hand-crafted in our own workshops and developed in an intense teamworking process. Selecting the materials by hand, guarantees the most exclusive grain for our customers who receive an inimitable one-of-a-kind.

Certified, sustainable Maple Wood
Polishing & sanding process
Dying period after coating
Custom assembling of each piece
Precise Engraving with our laser machine

You buy a Woodcessories, We plant a new Tree!

With our strict inspections we can guarantee you sustainable forestry during the acquisition of our wood. And not just that: Together with Trees for the Future we plant a new tree for every Woodcessories product we sell. By that we can support nature as well as improve the livelihood of many families. Learn about our Mission

Fight back
against bacteria!

Right now hygiene is more important than ever, and a multitude of bacteria and germs accumulate on your smartphone every day. We have the solution! Our first organic and antibacterial case makes a difference! Of course completely sustainable and TÜV tested! Discover our bacteria protection