Change, not charity.

Social change, not charity. Together with filia.die Frauenstiftung, we support and promote girls* and women* worldwide.

change case - filia edition

Eye-catcher for a good cause - Together with the women's foundation filia we have developed a special Change Case. For every Filia Case purchased, a donation goes to the foundation and supports girls* and women* in Europe.

participating is easy!

1. You buy a sustainable Change Case.
2. We donate 10% of the sales to filia.
3. Filia helps and supports girls* & women* in Europe.

6.125 euro
donated so far

With the help of your support we were able to become active together with the women's foundation filia where it is most urgently needed. We thank you in the name of all girls* and women* supported!

filia introduces itself

"filia.the women?s foundation supports women* and girls* worldwide in implementing their ideas and projects that aim to bring about social change. The project partners* we support are experts* who know their way around and know how to use the money wisely. We see ourselves as their partners*, not benefactors*."

-Constanze Claus
Deputy Managing Director

what is supported?

Project 1: Why is the topic of menstruation still tainted with shame? The founders* of MenstrUlka from Wroclaw want to change that. They install eye-catching pink boxes in the city, through which they provide free pads and tampons to homeless women*. In workshops and talks with girls* and women*, they talk about menstruation and encourage a self-confident approach to one's own body.

additional support

Project 2: The "Brave Girls" are a group of young women* from Walbrzych, Poland, who no longer want to accept that equality only exists on paper. The Brave Girls educate themselves, exchange ideas with other feminist organizations and are contact persons for women* and girls* from their region.

Change Case x filia

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our team

Why not something different? Passionate ideas from customers for customers - Works best. Strong women driving Change.

the press agrees.

"Finally something different."

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The gender asterisk (*) indicates that all people who consider themselves to be women/girls are meant here. Fixed names (such as Girls' Advisory Council) or compound names such as Women's Rights are also understood in this way - but are not marked with *.