EcoStand- Ergonomic Wooden MacBook Lift
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Premium, handmade MacBook stand made of solid wood
Raises your MacBook to the perfect working angle
Ergonomic design relieves your spine & relaxes your hands
Perfect for a Dual-Display-Setup with a iMac monitor
Made out of solid and rich walnut or oak wood
Compatible with all Apple MacBooks & Notebooks, 11-17 inches
Clean aluminum stopper for stability (felt cover attached)
Part of the new Set-Up Collection for a stylish and cleaned up desk

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Ehrliche Materialien Woodcessories

Certified Materials

Woodcessories insists on the use of excellent materials that are controlled,certified & made to last! Thoughtfully sourced wood, handselected raw materials and high quality standard are the foundation of our wooden characters.
Gewicht und Maße Woodcessories

Solid Design

Wooden, premium stand that is compatible with all MacBooks & Notebooks. Made from 1.8kg real solid hardwood this unicum organizes your desk & is a real eyecatcher. The ergonomic shape relaxes your hands & boosts your performance. Dimensions: 26x 25 x 8cm
Handarbeit Woodcessories

Handmade with love

Every single wooden Laptop stand providing its own unique grain & story. Our handmade pieces are one-of-a-kind and can never be duplicated again. We cherish real craftmanship.

High, higher, perfect!
Our new Set-Up Collection presents the EcoStand MacBook Lift 2017.

Work comfortable - work better! Your neck and hands will thank you!
Create your own comfort zone on your desk with our wooden MacBook Stand made from solid walnut or oak wood. Due to the ergonomic design you work more efficiently, more comfortable and more classy at the same time. Our handmade EcoStand is designed to elevate your MacBook to your optimal viewing level, you will naturally sit up straight and a lot more comfortable. It provides freedom to change your posture rather than restrain you into a single position and relaxes your wrists while typing. Additionally, it is perfect for working with a Dual-Display Setup.

Style & Usability
Superior, solid oak and walnut wood, individual grain, high stability - our EcoStand has been developed during an intense design process. An aluminum track at the lower end of the Stand prevents your MacBook from shifting and gives an additonal classy touch. An optional felt cover for the track is added to take care of your Notebook. Our premium laptop stand is compatible with all MacBook sizes and other notebooks (11-17 inch). Give your MacBook 12, 13 Air or Pro, 13 Pro Retina, 13 Pro Touchbar, 15 Pro Retina or 15 Pro Touchbar a new, stylish home!

We love to carry wood to life!
Our high-end MacBook Stand is handmade out of 100% sustainably sourced hardwood!
Each piece has a natural, unique look and tells its own story. We hand-pick & re-purpose the wood to bring each customer a one-of-a-kind companion.

Classy, comfortable, (hand)crafted - that is our new Premium MacBook Stand!

Our EcoDock is designed & crafted in our family-run workshop.
Each piece is made with love & one-of-a-kind!